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When building a RAID….

Just a quick note to people building their own RAIDs, or using Drobo’s and the likes. In the short term using consumer grade drives, for example WD Green Power, Caviar Black, Caviar Blue, you do save money on the initial build, but in the long run, costs will mount as drives fail.

What do I mean? Well, consumer grade drives are tested with some rather rigorous processes, but in the end, they are designed and tested to be used in consumer situations, home computers, laptops, DVRs and the likes, which in turn means they are designed to be used as a single drive for a select number of hours a day. You will notice Western Digital don’t quote MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) on the Green, Blue, or Black drives.

Switching over to Western Digital’s RE (RAID Edition) Enterprise range, you see a MTBF or 1.2 Million hours, you see how its affected by vibration, you see RAID and server based technologies included in the drive, and it is truly a 24/7 drive, I have about 25 WD RE drives, and mix of RE3s and RE4-GPs, and I have never lost a drive. Sure they are more expensive, but they are so worth it.

As a note, all RE drives come with 5-year warranty, as to Caviar Black’s, but Caviar Blue and Green Power come with 3-year warranties.

Some may say, ‘Oh, you sound like a Western Digital fan boy.’ And I would say this to them. I have had about 10 Seagate drives, 5 Samsung, and 6 Hitachi drives fail on me and lose all the data. In my opinion WD Enterprise drives are the best drives available.

Until Next time.

MJ Matsen