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Back once again…….

Ok… I’m going to pick my blog back up I think and keep everyone updated…. Either that, or I’ll just spout off some random rubbish….

Until next time…..


1,000th tweet and 100th follower

Well I hit my 100th follower today, and 1,000th tweet today. Which is kind of an accomplishment for me.

I would like to thank:

@ILikeFilms – He’s my 100th follower

and the following for making my twitter experience enjoyable so far:

Brian Ramage, Ruben Kremer, Sue from Zacuto, Sara Collaton, My cousin Julie, and the other 94 followers I have.

Until next time

MJ Matsen

First blog…….Welll again

I used to have a blog, which I envisioned of becoming a great source of information and art…. Well as most things go, especially blogs, that kinda crashed and burned. I think the only person that read it was my mom, and that was only to tell me when I spelled something wrong or used run on sentences……Ahem.

So, this will be my official, unofficial first new blog. I hope you all enjoy it. It will be filled with all manner of camera, photographic, videographic (is that a word?)……Cool stuff…. It will be filled with cool stuff that will fill you with joy and joyesness.

For my first post, I will also include a pretty picture 😀

Until next time

MJ Matsen